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Posted on December 17, 2009 in: Editing by Andrew Birkhead

Scott Simmons at EditBlog has a great article on edit suite etiquette for facilities operators and freelance editors.  It cover’s a lot of great ideas on best practices, including the two biggies.

• Never remap a keyboard that someone else has setup.

• If you have to change the Final Cut Pro capture scratch folders then please put those back at the end of your session.

He also covers how to make dupe detection work while using footage shot on the Canon 5D and 7D.

That means you have to add a reel name in FCP. This can be accomplished by bringing up the Reel column in your FCP bin. I’ve got into the habit of copy and pasting the name of the 5D/7D file into the Reel column as it will be a unique name:


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