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Rule Number Six

Posted on July 14, 2009 in: Commandments by Andrew Birkhead

6. If it comes from the heart, speak the words.

Most of have an internal censor that serves us well.  It keeps us out of trouble at work and sometimes in relationships by filtering what passes through our minds and keeping it from coming out of our mouths!  The trouble with the censor is when it starts to trap the heart’s messages.  These messages are always good and mostly affirming… things like: I love you, you’re a gift, you’re doing a great job here, and I enjoy your company.  Sometimes it’s a message that’s good and hurts, like ‘I need to leave this relationship, or this isn’t working for me.’  The story here is that messages from the heart need to be let out so they can do their work.  If it’s in your heart, say it.

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