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Rule 8

Posted on July 17, 2009 in: Commandments by Andrew Birkhead

8. Choose

Years ago, when people were shorter and lived near the water, I was a newscast director at WFIE in Evansville, Indiana.  Among other things, live television taught me the power of timely choice.  If I waited too long to choose, things could spiral out of control and I’d risk failure.  On the other hand, if I chose incorrectly, it was usually a mistake that I could correct later.  And don’t forget the possibility of choosing correctly, that DOES happen from time to time!  The flow chart would look like this:


Corporate america spends gazillions of dollars annually on consultants who teach their employees how to avoid stagnation by the power of timely choice.  What the consultants WON’T tell you is to check in with your body.   For me, there’s usually a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ feeling for any decision located somewhere in my body.  If a decision needs to be made, find out the data then check in with your body, it knows what needs to be done.

2 Responses to “Rule 8”

  1. I feel what I think.

  2. The sweet irony is that IMHO, corporate america spends gazillions of dollars on that because you know what their employees do after being presented the “problem” of “timely choice?”

    They wait.

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