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The Devil Dances

Posted on August 11, 2008 in: Uncategorized by Andrew Birkhead

The edit room is a cozy creative space. Clients and producers often ‘open up’ and it seems like I should be charging a therapy fee on top of my normal day rate. The Four Agreements states that words are magic, they can do great good or great harm. The words of a producer popped into my head yesterday as I drove home from the grocery store with the week’s load of bachelor chow. He said that ‘every time there is a divorce, the devil dances with joy.’

Back then, married, I thought it was an odd belief. Now, divorced for a year and a half, I strongly disagree. These words of belief could do incredible harm to those in a flock who need to leave a failed marriage. I think that living in a bad situation is so spiritually harmful that a higher power would HAVE to support ending it. I simply don’t understand the ‘stay together at all costs‘ believers. My guess is that if someone believes that ‘my reward will be in heaven’ then a lifetime of sucking it up is a good trade off. That just dosn’t work for me.

So, once again, I’ll have to disagree with conservatives. The producer that told me that God hates divorce would not be surprised, he knows that I’m a spiritual liberal. The statement that works within my spiritual framework is: ‘The God of my understanding, my higher power, smiles when I take action to heal and grow.’

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  1. I worry when I hear someone say, “the God of my understanding”. There are 66 books of the Bible in which God reveals Himself, His purpose and His ways. I haven’t studied them all yet, but I seek Him ernestly and will never fully understand Him until, by His grace, I’m with Him in heaven, and maybe not even then. I know people who have given up on God all together just becuase of a book of the Bible, or even a single verse. God will not revel Himself unless you seek him. And when people give up seeking God through His word and just believe that God is warm and fuzzy and just wants us to do what feels good….THAT’S when the devil dances.
    The producer was referring to Malachi chapter 2. Quoting from the apologetics study Bible, “What Malachi taught about divorce must be understood in it’s historical context. The challenge facing teh Judean community after the return from exile was the reestablishment of its religious institutions. But Judean men were marrying women from other ethnic groups in teh region who worshiped pagan gods – in some cases, at least, divorcing their Jedean wives to do so. Marriage to unbelievers diluted their commitment to the father of Israel and resulted in children who were not the “godly offspring” the Lord desired. The prophet’s overriding concern was not marriage, as such, but the effect of an wunwise mixed marrriage on a man’s relationship to the Lord, and the impact of many such unions on the solidarity and stability of the covenant community.”
    I’ve just begun studying the apologetics and am really enjoying it, in case you haven’t guessed.

    STILL haven’t found a job. Hope Sara is enjoying *gasp* High School!!!

    Get “The apologetics study bible” and we can debate together! It’ll be fun….and exasperating! But we’ve always been able to disagree and still get along.

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