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Sunday Morning

Posted on August 10, 2008 in: Uncategorized by Andrew Birkhead

The NYTimes has a cool piece on how computer passwords aren’t working.

The underlying problem, however, isn’t their simplicity. It’s the log-on procedure itself, in which we land on a Web page, which may or may not be what it says it is, and type in a string of characters to authenticate our identity (or have our password manager insert the expected string on our behalf).

The solution urged by the experts is to abandon passwords — and to move to a fundamentally different model, one in which humans play little or no part in logging on.

Read more here.

I’m listening to Jakob Dylan’s new disk, Seeing Things. A review I read compares the disk to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. It’s good Sunday morning disk.

Jeeze, this is great!

I found it here.

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